The heart attack warns you a month before. The body warns you with 6 signals

It is good that we know the way in which our body works so that when we feel that one of the parts is not performing normally, then we pay attention to regulate it as soon as possible.

The human body works as if it were a machine with many parts; each one of these pieces would be an organ and evidently as if it were a gear; each organ performs a function so that the whole body works in the correct way.

Symptoms before suffering a cardiac arrest.
6 – Weakness in the body. When we begin to develop problems of this type; our body begins to work in a forced way; so extreme tiredness and weakness are a key factor.

5 – Chest discomfort. You can feel from a small pain or pressure; to burning or something similar to pinching or pricking in the area.

4 – Shortness of breath is a very clear sign of heart weakness.

3 – Symptoms of colds. If you feel like you have a cold and you can’t cure it, it may be because of this case.