Canada is looking for a million people who want to move to work in the country

Canadá busca un millón de personas que quieran mudarse para trabajar en el país
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Do you want to live and work in Canada? There are great possibilities for you.

The Canadian government recently announced that it will receive one million immigrants in the next three years. Do you want to be one of them?

The country’s immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, declared in his Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration of 2018, the government’s plans to accept 1 million 80 thousand new residents who were willing to stay in the country from 2019 to 2021.

In 2017, they received 286 thousand people as permanent residents.

Hussen, who arrived in Canada as a Somali refugee, said:

“Canada has received countless contributions from immigrants and their descendants, so our success in the future depends on your welcome and your integration.”

It is approached that one in five people living in Canada, is of another nationality, while since 1990, the number of immigrants. It has amounted to more than 6 million.

The experts consider that immigration strengthens the Canadian economy, because the average immigrant is young and collaborates in confronting the challenges of the aging of the population.

It is predicted that the proportion of retired workers, arrive for 2036 to 2/1, comparing with 4.2 / 1 that preponderaba in 2012.

About 48% of the highest admissions target for 2021 will be included in economic programs, so it will be possible to reduce the gaps in existing skills in the labor field.

¨We will be able to maintain the labor force thanks to the increase in immigration levels, in addition, economic growth will be supported and innovation will be stimulated¨.

“Immigration will play a key role with the aging of the population and low fertility rates, thus ensuring that both the population and the Canadian workforce continue to grow.”

In terms of immigration policy, Canada is a world leader, as well as a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Filippo Grandi has entertained the country, for its generosity and openness, highlighting that it is worthy of admiration, the commitment that is destined to help the displaced people.

What do you think about this statement from the government of Canada? Do you consider living there?

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